The Fight for Fairness and Justice is a fight for public health.

A long-term impact advocacy project and online hub to shift the narrative and change laws and practices that punish instead of promote public health.


1. The Context: The spread of COVID-19 has exposed the racism, inhumanity, waste, and danger of the “justice” system that public defenders, advocates, and communities have long known well.

2. The Problem: For far too long, this country has responded to societal problems like poverty, homelessness, substance abuse, and mental health issues with arrests, family separation, and incarceration.

3. The Result: Police departments, courts, jails, and prisons are all bloated. People are dying. And our public health systems are scarce.

4. But we know: Community investment, treatment, living wages, healthcare, affordable housing, are all better for public health and safety than costly punishment.

5. We are: Litigators and advocates. Organizers building power and bridging connections. People with direct experience, incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, loved ones, friends, and communities. Artists and performers. Just people who care and want to do something.

6. We can't: Continue with business as usual. We are fighting to make sure we don’t. We believe that Health is Justice.

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The Advancement Project

American Friends Services Committee

Broadway Advocacy Coalition

Bronx Defenders

Center for Institutional and Social Change at Columbia Law School

Chicago Community Bond Fund

Civil Rights Corps

Dream Defenders

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Gideon’s Promise

Imagine Justice

L.A. Justice

Lawndale Christian Legal Services

Life After Release

Michigan Prisoner Advocacy (of the American Friends Service Committee)


Prince George's County Public Defender

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Texas Jail Project

The Confined Arts

The Justice Collaborative

UCLA Law COVID-19 Behind Bars Data Project